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Friday, January 30, 2009

Shimano Ranking

XTR is engineered for the way you ride. The original XTR component group revolutionized off-road performance with never before seen levels of quality and precision. Mountain biking has evolved and the XTR group has grown, but it has never outgrown its original design philosophy of delivering top-level performance in a lightweight, beautifully engineered package. Whether you are a World Cup cross-country racer or a mountain Shimano DXR brings top-level design and engineering to BMX racing. DXR is designed to meet the demands of today's Olympic prospects. Ideal for use at your local track.DEORE XT has established a tradition as the globally recognized standard in high performance components. The group continues to evolve to keep pace with the changing demands of the latest bicycle designs and riding styles.SLX is Shimano's mid-range MTB group designed specifically for off-road riding. The distinct range of options within SLX allow you to tailor your components to your preferred off-road style, from XC through to All-Mountain.The new DEORE LX group features the popular and revolutionary functions from the XTR and DEORE XT groups, including the Dual Control Levers, Rapidfore Plus shifters, Hollowtech II cranks and powerful hydraulic disc brakes. Designed for cross-country and trekking bikes, DEORE LX can take you there, and back again.HONE is an affordably priced enduro/all-mountain group intended to "sharpen, improve and develop" your off-road riding skills.The DEORE group delivers a high level of quality and performance you've come to expect with Shimano MTB components at an excellent value. Whether it's a friendly race in the dirt, cruising along single track, or just riding around town, Shimano DEORE has the performance to match. ALIVIO has a reputation for style, value and great performance. With a simple rugged design, an 8-speed drivetrain, and full compliment of advanced Shimano functions, ALIVIO adds up to a high-quality recreational mountain bike group.ACERA is an MTB-style component group that offers an 8-speed drivetrain. ACERA delivers the responsive feeling of a serious mountain bike to casual riders and entry-level cyclists. Visit your local bike shop to learn more about ACERA and other Shimano components.ALTUS is a 7/8-speed MTB-style component group for city sport and youth bikes. In addition to an excellent cost performance, ALTUS provides a feeling of "easy control" that inspires confidence, especially among novice cyclists and younger riders.TOURNEY has been developed to give entry level sport bikes a boost. It fully incorporates advanced Shimano functions including Dual SIS for front and rear index shifting, wide-range gearing and hub-dynamo capabilities. TOURNEY's finished form sets the appealing standard for entry-level components.High quality Shimano MTB components to match a variety of groups, bicycles and riding styles.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009



Misi menawan Lubok Kawah Part II & Tabung Palastein


Apa macam RCT geng tak mau joint kayuh lagi kaa.. kalau beli beribu tapi simpan stor baik tak yah beli...ok la saja perangat sikit...

Lanie masub bab kayuhan pada hari nie.. So far hari nie ada 4 Geng RCT joint mengayuh.. iaitu RCT Zale.. RCT Mie... RCT Bad dan sorang lagi aku laa...

Hari nie track target nak pie Lubok Kawah sebab RCT Mie dan RCT Bad belom penah pie sana lagi... jadi kami pon target pie sana laaa...

Ok nie track hari nie..:

RUMAH ZALE -> Kampung Belakang Ladang Sayuq -> Sampai Kaki Gunung Jerai -> Masuk Jalan kaki Gunung -> Pie Lubok Kawah -> STOP RELAX -> Patah Balik -> ambik pie Teroi -> Layan mini tar sampai Sungai Setar Kg Setar YAN -> LEPAK TMN PERMAINAN -> Patah balik sampai teroi -> Keluaq jalan Raya Besaq -> Balik Guaq -> Sampai Pekan Nat Rabu -> Lepak dgn Ustaz Firdaus sedang buat Program Derma palastein -> Pie pekena ayaq kat kedai depan Stesen Minyak SHELL -> balik Umah.

Jarak perjalanan - 25km

Masa Sampai Lubok Kawah

Sewaktu di Sungai Setar

Sewaktu bersama Ahli Parlimen Jerai
dalam Program Derma Palastein

Ok dah cukup untuk Xtvt hari nie... nanti mau kayuh kita jumpa lagi...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

RCT RazLan

RCT Zale

Monday, January 26, 2009

Street Smarts: New bicycle light aims to set the night rider aglow

By Ramona Turner
Posted: 01/26/2009 01:30:08 AM PST

Cyclists, how many times have you had a near collision with a motorist because they didn't see you?

Sure, you were wearing your helmet light and fitted your bike with a rear flashing red light and pedal reflectors, but you still got the scare of your life when you saw that one-ton vessel headed straight for you.

Well, there's a new Santa Cruz-based company that hopes to help you be seen better by drivers.

BikeGlow Inc. has developed a bicycle light that wraps around the entire frame, including the handlebars, making it glow like a bike-shaped jelly fish after the sun goes down.

The BikeGlow Safety Light was created by longtime Santa Cruz residents Chris Cobb, 38, a sales manager for a local developer research company; Ken Nowak, 40, a Caltrans structural engineer; and Evrett Kramer, 39, a small business owner.

The three avid cyclists developed the 10-foot long tube-style light after hearing about vehicle versus bike traffic collisions on Mission Street.

"The little headlight and tail light are not enough to show drivers there is a vehicle on the road," Cobb said. "We had used these wire lights to create displays and thought if we could hook them up to a battery-operated driver and attach them to the bikes, we'd have something. We worked with some suppliers, branded the product,

The BikeGlow Safety Light comes in eight colors -- red, white, purple, pink, blue, aqua, green and yellow -- and is powered by two AA batteries. Its life expectancy is five years.

But being seen may be just half the battle in preventing traffic collisions between cars and bikes, as the Santa Cruz Police Department reminds pedal-pushers that they must follow the rules of the road, too.

"We have seen serious bicycle collisions both during the day and at night," said Capt. Steve Clark, noting that the city saw 696 total traffic collisions in 2008; 58 involved bicycles. "Our last three fatal collisions were all during daylight hours.

"We would encourage bicyclists to never assume they are seen by the driver of a motor vehicle, regardless of the kind of lighting system they are using, or the time of day," he continued. "We would also encourage them to follow all rules of the road including stopping at stop signs and red lights, riding on the proper side of the road and remaining to the right-most portion of the roadway."

That said, Clark supports cyclists attempts at being better visible on the road.

"We would be supportive of anything that increases the safety and is still legally appropriate," he said, citing California vehicle code section 21201d, which outlines lighting and other equipment requirements www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/vctop/d11/vc21201.htm for cyclists.

BikeGlow's closest competitor is the Down Low Glow, Cobb said, as he noted two major differences between the two products.

First, the other brand is low to the ground, rather that eye level. Cobb said the cyclists he's spoken to said they preferred lights that are at eye level.

Difference No. 2 is price. BikeGlow will run you $25, while its competitor sells for $115. Online purchasers can save $5 on Cobb's bike light by using the coupon code, "sclocal," he added.

BikeGlow launched in December online at www.bikeglow.com. It will hit local stores, including Another Bike Shop, The Bike Trip, and Family Cycling Center, next month.

Street Smarts is written by Ramona Turner and appears Mondays. Read her daily blog online at www.santacruzlive.com/blogs/streetsmarts. If you have a transportation question or idea, contact her at streetsmarts@santacruzsentinel.com. Be sure to include a name, city of residence and daytime telephone number.

Bicycle Bomb Kills 5 in Northwest Pakistan

Tu dia sapa nak belajaq teknik nie boleh laa...

Bicycle Bomb Kills 5 in Northwest Pakistan

DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan — A bomb rigged to a bicycle exploded in a northwest Pakistani city Monday, killing at least five people and wounding 20 others in the latest attack to rattle the volatile region, police said.

The explosion occurred on a major road in Dera Ismail Khan, and most of the victims were either walking by the parked bicyle or traveling in nearby vehicles, area police chief Saeed Ullah said.

Dera Ismail Khan lies in a region that neighbors the Waziristan tribal areas, where Taliban and Al Qaeda militants have strong sway and where the U.S. frequently strikes with missiles from across the border in Afghanistan.

But the rough and tumble city also has witnessed sectarian violence in the past.

Ullah refused to speculate on the motive behind the latest explosion, saying the investigation was continuing.

Local television channels showed footage of wounded victims being treated at a government hospital, as well as pieces of a bicycle, rickshaw and a damaged car at the scene of the blast.


Assalamujalaikum dan Salam Gong xi Fa cHai...

Ok apa habaq semua amacam ahli RCT takan beli GEREK lena ja kot baik tak yah beli... dah la beli mahai-mahai kalau tak mau kayuh baik hangpa guna duit tu buat derma kat Tabung Palastein sana dapat jugak pahala.... he he he... saja ja perangat sikit...

hari nie macam besa la still aku dgn zale mengayuh... target kami hari nie nak naik Gunung Jerai.. Jadi track hari nie tak la jauh mana tetapi kalau hangpa semua nak tau pukulan Gunung Jerai mai la kita kerabat sama.. nanti hangpa tau la pukulan dia macamana...

permulaan di kaki gunung pon dah jammed dah...gear dok tahap rendah sekali depan 1 blkg 1... last pakai kaki jugak berjalan... so far kayuh sat jalan sat last dapat jugak dalam 2.5km pastu dah tak larat dah...kona balik turun makan angin....

patut la depa kata Lesen Besaq Kena ambik Ialah Naik Gunung Jerai....

jadi apa lagi pakat kuatkan otot semua semua lepas nie kita pakat ambik LESEN GUNUNG JERAI.... So far kami 2 org dah dapat 2.5km hangpa berapa...????

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